Good Guy Gabriel Iglesias

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7 responses to “Good Guy Gabriel Iglesias”

  1. hopethisisarelevantname says:


  2. HandsomeSwede says:

    Now if only he didn’t suck at comedy.

  3. shitpeas says:

    He can’t really justify having it taken down when it’s not even his material.

  4. Sissyfuss says:

    He’s not getting screwed, he’s screwing over whoever holds the rights to the special. Scumbag GG.

  5. Sissyfuss says:

    He’s screwing over LEG Productions and Arson House Entertainment. Not really a GGG thing to do, fucking over people you partnered with.

  6. phantomeye says:

    Well he did upload it on youtube for all non-americans. 😀

  7. FuzzyX says:

    The worst day for any artist is when their work does not appear online because no one cares. File-sharing is the modern reality but fans buy