Funniest thing I've seen on Tumblr… ever.

7 responses to “Funniest thing I've seen on Tumblr… ever.”

  1. lianne025 says:

    Dat smile

  2. MisFetts says:

    Something something something SLOTH!

  3. Elapidae says:

    Passwords? Time to glue the picture onto his devices.

  4. antisocialLube says:

    one really slow giant step ……

  5. OneMoreThing says:

    At first I thought it was silly, now I think you have made a giant leap for all prank-kind.

  6. HelloYesThisIsSatan says:

    He will get you, eventualy…

  7. FelixBumgardener says:

    What the fuck is a tumblr