For all of you Assassins out there .

18 responses to “For all of you Assassins out there .”

  1. DDDSSS says:

    There’s no better feeling than pulling a staple out with one of these things. No tears. No nothin’

  2. TheBoeshanePeninsula says:

    I’ve got a couple people in my office who might be getting a visitor from a cloaked figure now…

  3. shifty18 says:

    Assassin is spelt Ass-ass-in… teehee!

  4. Lambpasty says:

    I used to pretend it was a tiny notebook-eating monster with gnashing jaws. I still do, but I used to, too

  5. RobbStarkKingInTheNorth says:

    I’m 23 and I play with these all day

  6. nole says:

    wait where did the of assassin symbols come from?

  7. Whogivesafuckaboutmyname says:

    Secretly removes staples from co workers papers, or harassing jenny by pinching her butt with it and blaming it on someone nearby

  8. GoNinjaGoNinjaGo says:

    Mine is for Chinese assassins too, apparently. It says “CHINA” on the side.

  9. McTrick says:

    All specialize in removals.

  10. Saxit says:

    Assassins Creed

  11. LostMyFilm says:

    I… glorious. Makes going ‘nom nom nom’ at co-workers’ faces with one of those a little more intense in my head.

  12. nole says:

    Sorry, i meant where did the others come from, i know its from assassin’s creed, if its from assassing creed 3, i havent played it yet

  13. sake2me says:

    Why does this have 0 points? Is Imgur wtfxx0rz breaking again?

  14. fulmarmusic says:

    I always thought this symbol was highly occultic and it wouldn’t surprise me if people have been sacrificed to it.

  15. DefinitelyNotAnAssassinHidingInAHaybale says:

    Stealthily relevant.

  16. max22888 says:

    Excuse me. That’s my stapler.