Ferret vs. Toilet Paper Roll

19 responses to “Ferret vs. Toilet Paper Roll”

  1. Keleesi says:

    That doesn’t look at all like a penis

  2. Gargam3L says:

    They took mah arms!

  3. IAlwaysUpvoteSeinfeld says:

    Chinese finger twister: Boss level

  4. asea7912 says:

    Is…is the ferret okay?

  5. anythinganything says:

    I’d like to put my ferret in your moms TP roll… if you know what I mean

  6. iwenttohogwarts says:

    Last time this was on Imgur, it got over 10,000 points. Wonder how well this one will do.

  7. Lolmarty says:

    anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough

  8. Moonkey says:

    That’s what she said 🙁

  9. chocoisliekwoah says:

    ferrets probably look terrifying without fur

  10. Gargam3L says:

    “They took my squeezin’ arm. WHY my squeezin’ arm!?”

  11. Nitad says:

    I can hear the adorable scream.

  12. butmomalltheotherkidsdoit says:

    Obligatory *everything is a dildo if you’re brave enough*

  13. bobothemonkey115 says:

    ferret: “I’M WINNING!!”

  14. ninmonkey says:

    See a doctor, immediately.

  15. MyMilkShakeBringsAllTheFelonsToTheYard says:


  16. sarcastico says:

    I’ve made a huge mistake.

  17. dontyourushme says:

    I hope you helped it out of the situation, OP. That doesn’t look comfortable.

  18. Keleesi says:

    Aw but it’s still so cute, though (that’s also what guys like to hear, right?)