Feel the burn

15 responses to “Feel the burn”

  1. CmdrLeet says:

    probably drove there. Then took the elevator…

  2. jeffehpop says:


  3. somethingfunny says:


  4. Lumpy1Space2Princess3 says:

    and thats why they dont make those that way anymore

  5. Isthisonetaken says:

    In all seriousness, he probably just doesn’t like the feeling of his thighs rubbing together.

  6. BringMeMyAlpaca says:

    Forgot how to gym

  7. jincopunk says:

    This is what’s wrong with the “fitness” industry

  8. jincopunk says:

    Because fuck leg day.

  9. MamaZef says:

    What is the point of that cycle?

  10. jincopunk says:

    Just because a machine or a personal trainer tells you to do something doesn’t mean it’s right.

  11. mrniceguy777 says:

    LOL nothing says fat like “media propagated body image”.

  12. IchangedMyNameSoIDidntHaveToUseMyRealOne says:

    Even when you’re only doing arms, you’re still supposed to be doing the legs too. Never at any point using the elliptical should you do this

  13. codexdelux says:

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups:P

  14. DaveyG says:

    how have you got so many upvotes??!?!? He would get the exact same workout from sitting at home and moving his arms in the same way.

  15. alansugar says: