Even April can't keep a straight face


14 responses to “Even April can't keep a straight face”

  1. gimmethedownvotes says:

    Story of my life

  2. FannyChampionOfTheWorld says:

    I’d see a doctor, Andy. That’s what, a dozen times in the last month?

  3. SanDimasHighschoolFootball says:

    Thanks for the repost, OP. I hadn’t seen this in nearly 3 days and was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms from seeing quality OC instead.

  4. TheRicM says:

    *counterparts. Unless of course you’re talking about the parts of a counter, then I stand corrected

  5. TastyBrainMeats says:

    It means you need to get more fiber and exercise.

  6. Guineveryawesome says:

    Said no dermatologist ever

  7. mpaans says:

    Not really.. I got a fountain in my toilet.. I’m always done with 2 wipes.. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?!

  8. wetwang says:

    I don’t watch TV..what show is this?

  9. coelacanths says:

    It’s not just your toilet, it’s the entire sewer system.

  10. Ricotta says:

    Protip: Shave your asshole and this problem completely goes away.

  11. Krisisawesome says:

    LAWL at marker

  12. sweethockeybody says:

    Not only that, look at OP’s submissions, this is the second time that your post has been reposted. Reposting their own repost of your post.

  13. euridice811 says:

    No, and I’m seriously confused by the prevalence of the sentiment. Like, is it sticking to your ass cheeks coming out or something?