Embroidered fawn

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16 responses to “Embroidered fawn”

  1. hercoldhands says:

    So fucking rad

  2. kriebel19 says:

    Without my glasses that looks like a small shit on a plate

  3. anyalynn says:

    Would you say you’re fawning over it?

  4. nhapache says:

    Is it real doe?

  5. aabbccbb says:

    Can…we see the others?

  6. dancydance says:

    I want to pet it. Can I pet it?

  7. Nomablepaste says:

    The fawn is good but that embroidered thimble is fantastic!

  8. SilkyBunny says:

    I thought the thumnail was poo…

  9. MapleSyrupFreak says:

    I thought it was watery poop from the thumbnail.

  10. Fawxy says:

    I’ll admit, I thought it was real for a second

  11. accountjustforcommenting says:

    Is it…is it ok? ITS JUST SLEEPING RIGHT?!


    These jokes are so dear to me.

  13. HarryStyles4thNippleSaidHello says:


  14. yellowdove says:

    thats a-deer-able!

  15. BumChum420 says:

    OP I’m here to talk you about the avengers initiative.

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