Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes brutal Benghazi point; Libs spew foul misogyny

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Asking for what? This:

Imagine if everyone that asked for transparency in the #nfl @nfl Demanded that same #transparency in our #government #Benghazi #IRS

— elisabeth hasselbeck (@ehasselbeck) September 16, 2014

Bam. We’ve made that point at Twitchy before as well. The media demands answers about a cover-up from the NFL, but Benghazi? Crickets.

@ehasselbeck @nfl AMEN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

— Anita (@TpartyAnita) September 16, 2014

And HuffPo showed its usual colors by
mocking and lying about Hasselbeck’s tweet:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck managed to bring Benghazi into the NFL domestic violence story http://t.co/RUQHXBnxMq

— HuffPost Media (@HuffPostMedia) September 16, 2014

Media Matters, HuffPo Lie About Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'Connecting' NFL, Benghazi http://t.co/Iyy75NvcC5

— Mike Castle (@corardendo) September 17, 2014

Hasselbeck gave HuffPo the business.

. @HuffingtonPost We spoke w/the mom whose son was killed &men there that night. Inserting #Benghazi – is NOT ridiculous-IT IS AN #HONOR

— elisabeth hasselbeck (@ehasselbeck) September 16, 2014

How dare she speak up for herself and for the Americans killed in Benghazi? You know what the means, right? Time for some vile misogyny! Know your place, Elisabeth (and if you don’t, the Left will tell you what it is. Heaven forfend a woman think and speak for herself).

@ehasselbeck @HuffingtonPost @gop. Another #foxnews twisted lie for the woman who is nuts. šŸ˜‰ #UniteBlue #Unity2014 #vote

— Billy Jones (@BillyTheBigBone) September 16, 2014

@ehasselbeck @HuffingtonPost You are too stupid for words. The NFL has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the men who were killed in Benghazi. Moron.

— Ukiddnme? (@SeattleLib65) September 16, 2014

@Shihtz_who @ehasselbeck @HuffingtonPost She is sure opinionated for a Scumy Reality Show Bimbo, marrying a backup QB doesnt help either

— Polar Monkey (@Puckberger) September 16, 2014

#STUPID, CRAZY BITCH TWEET OF THE DAY: #Fox News Channel's Elisabeth #Hasselbeck Connects #NFL Scandals to #Benghazi http://t.co/G7kGPMQDOk

— DAVID (@intenseCA) September 17, 2014

Im #convinced @ehasselbeck is the #stupidest person on television. Great fit for Faux News. #Benghazi #IRS #WifeOfWashedUpNFLPlayer #bitch

— Usuqa M'Deek (@USuqaMadeek) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck @nfl YOU BITCH

— Canyoudigit Pabon (@CanyoudigitPabo) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck is prolly the stupidest the bimbo on tv. Just shut the fuck up!!!! Your career is about as good as your husbands nfl career

— Brandon Keefe Sr (@PapaBearKeefe) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck @HuffingtonPost what a dumb bitch…

— 32_Bit_Hustler (@32_Bit_Hustler) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck @huffingtonpost HASSlebeck, YOU are such a STUPID bitch!!!

— Danny Scott (@DannyGirl66) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck SHUT DA FUCK UP U STUPID DUMB BITCH! @nfl @nflcommish aint got nothing todo w/ #bengazi u believe this bitch @billmaher #bubble

— Rivis (@muzik71) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck Please don't pass your stupidity on to your children. Give them babies a chance, you dumb famous-for-nothing cunt!

— D. Curtis (@solvar) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck Shut up moron. If you didn't look like you did, you'd be a part time crossing guard.

— Wil (@ImDiggy) September 16, 2014

@ehasselbeck Fuck you. You connect two completely different topics and think that you are being honorable? Just FUCK YOU!!! #foxfail

— Benyth (@Benyth) September 16, 2014

@ehasselbeck please. SHUT THE FUCK UP! If Benghazi is bothering you THAT MUCH, you, Palin and the other tea tards can go investigate.

— Shirley Phelps Vag (@ShirleysVagina) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck You are an unbelievably stupid cunt.

— Cool Pope Francis (@CoolPontifex) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck you are the MOST IGNORANT TWAT IN THE WORLD

— waste o'money (@wasteomoney) September 17, 2014


— kevin hall (@Inked1BNA) September 17, 2014

Oh no. Not a disgrace to “huminaty!”

HASSELBECK is FUCKING DIPSHIT FAUX NOISE BIMBO! Jokes about Domestic Abuse! FUCK AILES & her loser husband! #p2 @DavidSchantz @ehasselbeck

— WY Vet (@WYVeteran) September 17, 2014

@ehasselbeck @nfl TWAT

— unclejohn25 (@unclejohn25) September 16, 2014

@ehasselbeck and hopefully you'll get abducted. SO WE WILL NEVER SEE OR HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN. YOU STUPID STUPID CUNT! #poorMatt

— Shirley Phelps Vag (@ShirleysVagina) September 17, 2014

My GOD @ehasselbeck is a giant cuntwagon. Seriously? The issue w/ the @nfl is Obama's fault? How the fuck did you make it out of Australia?

— Martini Time (@vodka_diaphragm) September 16, 2014

She thinks with her cunt ===> @ehasselbeck is first @foxandfriends host to link @NFL scandals to #Benghazi http://t.co/uNd1jmgD9r

— #Pray4Africa (@1stworldmusic) September 17, 2014

And the winner of the filthy misogyny contest?

So pathetic, she doesn't even make it into my hate-fuck column. http://t.co/lkFbK7EqM2

— SwimCharlieSwim (@swimcharlieswim) September 16, 2014

Repugnant. This is what the Left thinks of women. Remember that, always.


Here’s how media’s reaction to the NFL after Ray Rice video proves Obama boot-lickery

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