Donald Rumsfeld reminisces as 80th birthday nears; Left attacks him!/RumsfeldOffice/status/219864228939563009

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under both President Ford and President George W. Bush, reminisced a bit today. The article he tweeted out has photographs of politicians when they were in high school. Secretary Rumsfeld, ever good-humored, joked about the passage of time as he nears his 80th birthday.

Predictably, Twitter leftists responded to that with nasty hate.

Of an Arab being tortured?! RT @RumsfeldOffice: With my 80th birthday this week, I can’t say that photo “seems like only yesterday.”

— Jamie Kilstein (@jamiekilstein) July 2, 2012

@jamiekilstein @RumsfeldOffice Every time a Middle Eastern child dies, one of Rumsfeld's decrepit, decaying sperm gets its wings.

— Todeskommando (@Skeetkwando) July 2, 2012

@jamiekilstein @RumsfeldOffice Probably because he tortured another one today. You know, like he does every morning.

— Andrew Robertson (@NMEApollo) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice It's amazing how a lifetime of lying, greed, theft, war crimes and murderous ambition can ravage a persons looks, ain't it?

— truckload_bear (@truckload_bear) July 2, 2012

Those not afflicted by the Left’s lack of human decency send Secretary Rumsfeld their best wishes.

@RumsfeldOffice Happy Birthday, Secretary Rumsfeld!!

— RICO aka Dem (@NikitasDad) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice Happy Birthday, sir! If we spot you in St. Michaels, we might have to give you a kiss on the cheek.

— Julie Imirie (@JDImirie) July 2, 2012

.@RumsfeldOffice Happy Birthday, young man, and many more! #SharpThen #SharpNow #First80IsTheToughest

— MuseumTwenty (@MuseumTwenty) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice No way are you going to be 80! No way!!!!!

— Monica (@ahh2fly) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice Happy Birthday sir

— Holly Tomlanovich (@holly1950) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice : Happy Birthday Sir. God Bless you and all your family. Always remember: "you did good". #HappyBirthday

— joycee (@joycee_NH) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! God Bless You!

— SaveOurRepublic (@AngeliaSC) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice Happy 80th birthday Secretary Rumsfeld! Thank you for your service!

— RightWingArt (@RightWingArt) July 2, 2012

@RumsfeldOffice Happy Birthday sir! I must say that I miss your News Conferences 🙂

— Steve Desi (@SteveDesi) July 2, 2012

Indeed. Those news conferences, like the man himself, are classics.

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