Dirty commies.

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17 responses to “Dirty commies.”

  1. findmeinbadcomments says:

    The Glorious Leader invented video game. Wins every time.

  2. gayconstructionworker says:

    Shots fired

  3. Jrau18 says:

    Yes, holy fuck. I only play PC games if they support controllers.

  4. razokkull says:

    It’s a pretty fun game.

  5. Ididntreallylikemynicksoitsthisnowhimom says:

    Are the consoles even getting any traction? The big system selling games are still months out… Well except for Mario Kart

  6. Smayds says:

    I have a shitty Android phone and a Mega Drive. With Power Base converter! SUCK IT, BITCHES

  7. khellick says:

    Well they’re both peasants, so I don’t see the problem.

  8. AlexGoerz says:

    As a gamer who plays both consoles and soon building a pc… Console gamers make themselves look like idiots when they do shit like this

  9. IncrediblyRudeIndividual says:

    shut up, unbeliever

  10. Ididntreallylikemynicksoitsthisnowhimom says:

    Traction, as in: do they gain widespread popularity and acceptance. Outside of the usual early adopters. Not how they compare to PCs.

  11. Ididntreallylikemynicksoitsthisnowhimom says:

    Genuine questions are getting downvoted? Fuck this.

  12. Iaimtomisbehave says:

    All text screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/i4un3iH.gif .

  13. littlegoblin says:

    so vegans are smug, so anyway PC is superior than god and monkeys fly out of my butthole and they do the nae nae

  14. Wastyvez says:

    You didn’t specify how much exactly and I’m assuming you didn’t calculate in things like mouse, keyboard, sound installation, monitor(s),..

  15. Wastyvez says:

    And that’s a custom build as well. Prebuild gaming PC’s with good specs are always expensive. Consoles are always prebuild.

  16. jumawe says:

    The PCMR is not a thing. Saying PC Master Race is a troll. A stupid troll.