Cute Bunnies In Cups

17 responses to “Cute Bunnies In Cups”

  1. myDNAisALLoverTHIS says:

    Dem noses

  2. caughtonimgurhelpme says:

    2 bunnys 2 cups???? sth wrong here

  3. blueknot says:

    “Waiter, there’s a hare in my drink.” “Mine too!!”

  4. colourblindchameleon says:


  5. JimmyLipp says:

    Freaking hate when hare gets in my drink.

  6. chemistrydoc says:

    Rabbit Cute Cola (RC Cola for short)

  7. marvelsarah says:

    B cups

  8. punnypanther says:

    Nice buns 😉

  9. kcloud says:

    Beat me by 11 seconds. Enjoy this upvote, among many others!

  10. MrJaunty says:

    “There’s a rabbit in my cup.” … Wait, I did that wrong.

  11. abednadir says:

  12. PounderMcNasty says:

    Beat me by 14…….here’s an upvote you sneaky bastard.

  13. JustNOPEDsohardicame says:

    I feel like the left bunny is judging my soul.

  14. KoalaBearExpert says:

    Nobody’s going to see this comment since I didn’t post it in the first five seconds, so I can say whatever I want. … Boobs. *giggle*

  15. ShruggingAtlas says:

    I’m concerned about the fact those cups do not appear to be microwave safe.

  16. purrpurrpurr says:

    Those noses are hypnotizing.

  17. VlexisWhoWantsToMarryRainbowDash says:

    Plot twist: the hare is the waiter.