Cubs Fans

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18 responses to “Cubs Fans”

  1. meiadox says:


  2. SHoods says:

    Are we keeping this at 0?

  3. SuperMilkTime says:

    I don’t get it.

  4. mailorderzombie says:

    Really? This is viral?

  5. ThanksForNothing says:

    Can’t Understand Baseball Scoring

  6. sjforsythe says:

    I can’t help but feel like this meme is bad

  7. Mcflyvol says:

    The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 for those wondering.

  8. Mintyfreshness says:

    Photoshop… Cubs fans aren’t that hot.

  9. sturmicide says:

    Well, they’re bears. They belong in gay bars and the woods.

  10. wholycow says:

    They do expect a diamond.

  11. xCOMBATICUSx says:

    Whoa the lady in the middle is smokin hot!

  12. bubbarunski says:

    Notice, however, that these girls are 7-8-6 (left to right) and likely the best the city has to offer.

  13. CantBuyMeLoveUnlessYoureReallyWealthy says:

    Sports humor, the wrong kind of humor for internet goers.

  14. msmustard says:

    As a Sox fan, HA HAAAAA.

  15. DustinPenncakes says:

    Cubs. Completely useless by September.

  16. Starfox1984 says:

    Holy shit!!! I love OP! Thanks for posting! Go white sox!!!

  17. BrendanDufftronic says:

    What other countries competed in this world series?

  18. flapperfemmefatale says:

    as a Cards fan…. HA.