Community Post: 10 Signs You’re Actually Dating Your Favorite Band

1. You like to wear their clothes.

Sure, they cost money, but love don’t cost a thing.

2. You become extremely defensive whenever someone insults them.

“If you insult the bass tone in the bridge of the opening track of their self-titled album one more time I will SNAP. YOUR. NECK.”

3. But you also become irrationally threatened or jealous when someone else claims to like them.

I know they’re the best band ever and all but…they’re MY favorite.

4. You keep pictures of them around your room.

And in your locker. And in your wallet. And everywhere else possible for maximum stare-age and swooniness.

5. And fall asleep with them in your bed.

And by that, I mean with your laptop cracked open at the foot of your bed and an acoustic iTunes playlist set to repeat.

6. You write them love letters.

They may not write back, but liking your Facebook comment basically qualifies as second base, right?

7. They’ve made you cry on numerous occasions.

Or every occasion (I’m looking at you, American Football).

8. You start getting annoyed when they don’t visit for a long time.

Long distance relationships aren’t the easiest thing in the world, you know.

9. But you know they’re always there for you, even when they’re away.

In the words of Fall Out Boy: “Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can’t say.”

10. …Until they decide it’s time to break up.

You’re gonna need a side project to get under before you can even begin to fathom the possibility of getting over this.

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