C'mon it's William Shatner…


12 responses to “C'mon it's William Shatner…”

  1. Mothergooch says:

    10/10 read in his voice

  2. MandrewJackson says:


  3. godamnit says:

    He is not verified. I call shenanigans.

  4. joshlol says:


  5. thaxted2imgur says:

    Damn it Jim! I’m a Doctor not an IT Wog.

  6. SirAwesomeTheThird says:

    He needs to get his Shat-ner together.

  7. chemistrydoc says:

    His Reddit dreams were Shatnerred

  8. tommdepomm says:

    “EXPLAIN!!!!!!” – William Shatner

  9. photobug317 says:

    +1 if you actually read it in his voice

  10. ShleppsMcGee says:


  11. mrjunkindatrunk says:

    OP shatner’d his pants with this post.

  12. kcloud says:

    Currently, this comment I just wrote.