Community Post: 15 Men You’re Going To Love Even More

1. Tom Hiddleston View this image › “Delayed Gratification” 2. Jon Hamm View this image › “Sculpture” 3. Hugh Jackman View this image › “Concentrate” 4. Jim Parsons View this image › “Arachnid” 5. Colin Farrell View this image › “Investigate” 6. Ed Helms View this image › “Grimace” 7. Liev Schreiber View this image […]


The 5 People You Meet at the Gym

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When it comes to #118 working out, a betch will usually do some cardio, maybe do a Pilates class, and then move on with her day. A true betch knows going to the gym does not need to be a spectacle, nor should you EVER instagram a sweaty mirror-selfie in your gym clothes.  Unfortunately for […]


Lynch Syndrome Explainer: A Common Cancer Risk Few Have Heard Of

Lynch syndrome is a common, inherited condition that affects thousands of Australians and greatly increases the risk of developing cancer. Yet 95% of those who have it dont know about it. Lynch syndrome is the most prevalent inherited cancer syndrome affecting both men and women. It is caused by an inherited gene mutation affecting one […]


NYT argues for gun confiscation in Page One editorial


Saturday’s New York Times features a rare Page One editorial that argues it’s time for the government to start confiscating guns: Not all guns, however. Just the ones the NYT editors can’t really describe, but think are too deadly: It is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the Second Amendment. No right is […]


Cute Parrot Takes a Shower (Video)

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Cute Parrot Takes a Shower (Video) This cute little Green Cheek Conure parrot needs to clean up, and the kitchen sink is the perfect place! via dimossimo Read more: