Don Lemon Gets Absolutely Wasted on TV During New Year’s, and Someone Live-Tweeted the Train-Wreck

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Don Lemon is so drunk right now he’s spilling his heart on #CNNNYE for his New Year’s Resolution. 😂 — Josh Sánchez (@jnsanchez) January 1, 2017 Read more:


Community Post: 23 Reasons To Celebrate One Direction

1. 1. First and foremost, each is swoon-worthy in their own right… 2. First we have Harry Styles… View this image › Via [Disclaimer: he’s mine.] 3. This sexy piece of cougar bait is the charming, flirty, funny one in the group. He’s been known to pull quite a few ladies in his day, […]


24 Awesome Pop Culture Illustrations

1. View this image › 2. View this image › 3. View this image › 4. View this image › Peetah, master of disguise. 5. View this image › 6. View this image › 7. View this image › 8. View this image › 9. View this image › Arrested Development foods. 10. View this […]


Drive Thru Switch Prank

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YouTube pranksters have an obsession with the fast food drive-thru. For his latest prank, Jack Vale teamed up with Greg Davis Jr to pull a fast one on the employees working the drive-thru. After taking one of their orders, Jack or Greg would ask for a bottle of water, giving them just enough time to jump in the backseat […]