‘The man has balls and nerve’: You won’t believe what Iran’s President Rouhani tweeted

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http://twitter.com/#!/hboulware/status/420982250843701248 Forgive us if we’re a little skeptical about this: http://twitter.com/#!/HassanRouhani/status/420984364223057921 Rouhani might want to think about starting in his own backyard. http://twitter.com/#!/ali_s_brown/status/420982783700242432 http://twitter.com/#!/DesiMunda4U/status/420982292035551232 If he’s sincere about wanting our help, here’s some free advice: Free Pastor Saeed. http://twitter.com/#!/SMARFreedom/status/421189947932962816 http://twitter.com/#!/haselden86/status/421035865532796929 Put your money where your mouth is, President Rouhani. *** Related: Hasan Rowhani declared winner […]


Surf’s up: Aussies gift Obama with presidential surfboard

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http://twitter.com/#!/markknoller/status/477165112923787264 Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot must have been paying attention when President Obama said he’d be drinking out of a coconut as soon as possible after the next inauguration ceremony. http://twitter.com/#!/DCDude1776/status/477102891015356417 http://twitter.com/#!/unami22/status/477105083998425088 Related: Benched: Obama gives China’s leader patio furniture as parting gift, goes golfing White House issues correction, apology over Churchill bust story   […]


Veracity of Samuel L. Jackson’s congressional crime stats questioned


http://twitter.com/#!/timthegiraffe/status/513399494868619265 Actor Samuel L. Jackson thinks Congress needs to get back to work right now based on these “statistics”: Now these MUTHAFUKKAS ARE TAKING THE NEXT 5WEEKS OFF!! Don't we have SHIT that needs Fixing?! pic.twitter.com/zRuZKMBUx3 — Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) September 20, 2014 As much as many might share Jackson’s anger at Congress for […]