19 Reasons “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” Is The Greatest Cult Film Of All Time

1. It took debauchery to an exciting new level. View this image › reality-stevie.tumblr.com 2. It offered the grooviest possible cinematic experience. View this image › gilbogarbage.tumblr.com 3. It had an amazing poster. View this image › pcapopcultureaddict.tumblr.com 4. It introduced us to Z-Man. View this image › babawawa.tumblr.com 5. Who then beat Austin Powers […]


This Couple Spotted An Old Can While Walking Their Dog. You Will NEVER Guess What Was In It.

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Last February, a happily married couple changed their lives completely by just by walking their dog. The unnamed couple from Northern California were taking their dog for a walk on their property when they spotted something buried in the shade of a big tree. Even though they lived in the middle of Gold Country, they […]


Beneath These Streets, There’s A Community That Will Shock You To Your Core. Unbelievable.

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Beneath the busy streets of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is an underground society full of outcasts and addicts. They began seeking shelter in the sewers nearly two decades ago, after the fall of Communism. Now, this strange and literally underground community has bonded together to become a family. They are led by a man, covered in chains, […]