Can't believed my wife said this to me just now


12 responses to “Can't believed my wife said this to me just now”

  1. Iupvotejustaboutanything says:

    I want this to be my problem…

  2. grackle says:


  3. moeafg says:

    Buy her a haribo ring. Let’s see if she complains then

  4. gkand says:

    You shouldn’t have gone to Jared

  5. cammy100 says:

    With women you can just never win can you?

  6. Beestonian says:

    Your wife must be quite the catch.

  7. Guillermo88 says:

    I, have nothing.

  8. bittenkitten813 says:

    Brace yourselves. Engagement season is coming.

  9. HighwayWizard says:

    I can help you with that, but I’ll need to make a stop by a jeweler’s first.

  10. babababirdbirdbird says:

    It really does happen. Not that I’m complaining about the ring but it happens

  11. Goat43 says:

    ok Scrooge McDuck..

  12. professorKHAAAAAAN says:

    Blood diamond. Be extra careful if it gets caught on everything…know what I mean.