Brothers Awkwardly Reenact All Of Their Goofy Childhood Photos

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If your parents’ 46th wedding anniversary was coming up, what would your gift to them be?

Some people might take the lovebirds out to a nice dinner while others might muster up the courage to sit through their wedding video for the 20th time.

Two brothers, however, decided to take a unique approach when it came to celebrating the joyous event.

Instead of opting for a couple of Hallmark cards and an overpriced bouquet of flowers, these brothers reenacted their childhood photos.

If there’s any heartwarming gift out there that will make your parents cry and laugh uncontrollably at the same damn time, it’s recreated, priceless childhood photos.

The photo series was bravely uploaded to Imgur and shared with the world.

If you needed proof that you’re never too old to relive the most precious moments of your life, this is it.

This had to be awkward…

This was definitely awkward!

OK, this is just getting weirder and weirder.

There you go — stick to the silly clown face paint and OshKosh overalls.

As you can see, not much has changed between these two bros.

Some things never change.

Not even the flawless illustration skills.

And the music…

…the music is forever.

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