Brogamats Are Yoga Mats For Guys

1. You thought these were yoga mat bags, right? They’re not. THEY’RE BROGAMAT BAGS. FOR BROS.

2. The bags were designed by Dan and the Brogamats crew, who wanted to create yoga products that dudes might like.

“Brogamats was founded on the belief that yoga practitioners defy simple categorization, and include people of all walks of life, all genders, all Lululemon budgets, and all levels of earthy pretentiousness,” says the Brogamats site. “We are avid yogaphiles who felt the range of yoga products currently available was frustratingly narrow, so we decided to start designing our own.”

3. There’s one that looks like an unwrapped burrito.

(Which you probably shouldn’t eat right before or after a heavy yoga sesh).

4. There’s one that you’re supposed to pair with your axe.

Because you totally have an axe.

5. And one that looks like a quiverfull of arrows. For all that yoga/deer hunting you’ll probably be doing.

Because you’re a yoga bro.

6. And YES! Ladies can use them too!



7. Their next goal? Making yoga mats that are designed to handle how tall, sweaty, and heavy men’s bodies are.


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