12 responses to “Boo.”

  1. EntropicGoat says:

    Always remember, clowns are more afraid of you than you are of them.

  2. everonye says:

    Pretty normal for a clown

  3. YouDontSeeMe says:

    “RAWR hehehehehe”

  4. sounddust says:


  5. TheTrueGeist says:

    I think he scared himself more.

  6. Avengur says:

    The shaking kinda makes me think she got off.

  7. theREALtyrone says:

    what about “IT”

  8. Paramike says: Reverse gifs never get old!

  9. Rayzl says:

    ..that came out more racist than i thought..

  10. cantstopplayingtetris says:

    not sure if nightmare fuel or america’s funniest home videos

  11. hotdaypocketchocolate says:

    Therapy now 🙁