Bitter uterus

11 responses to “Bitter uterus”

  1. marydinosaur says:

    Someone failed biology/sex ed.

  2. DiglettDigDiglettDigTrioTrioTrio says:

    The ovaries already have all the eggs, the uterus preps all month for a baby…

  3. ThomasHFoolery says:

    you mean uteruses (uteri?) treat you the way girls treat guys? omg im so sorry.

  4. BaronSigma says:

    dafuq did I just read?

  5. Kimpossible1990 says:

    It’s okay, I appreciate your comment. :]

  6. limabeans says:

    Geez… sorry I didn’t get you pregnant. No need to through a temper tantrum.

  7. cntthinkofasn says:

    suddenly, revenge.

  8. Sugarcrotch says:

    yes! classier than mine

  9. DrCoxtookmymancard says:

    I actually love this whole site: