“Bitch this not the park”

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13 responses to ““Bitch this not the park””

  1. bigb83 says:

    Caption as comment

  2. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    He’s incorgiable

  3. TheLoneWanderer101 says:

    I have a big head….and little arms.

  4. SlaverHamLincoln says:

    Bitch, it might be

  5. cooperthedog says:

    Leonardo Dibarkrio

  6. hooray4dolphins says:

    His name better be Philip J. Fry.

  7. MrMullet says:

    Snoop D.O Double awww

  8. cataract says:

    “Vet office is in the Business Park, sucker!”

  9. DICKCAMELOT says:

    I got 99 problems and the caption ain’t one.

  10. zacheart says:

    But it is an adventure.

  11. KingMonoChrome says:

    This is like the dog version of the Fry “Not sure if” meme.

  12. BubberFantasyonline says:

    The bad news continues http://imgur.com/EQONwHa

  13. JesusWalkedOnWaterToDrownInWine says:

    incorgiable CORAL