Austrian Teen Who Fled To Syria Has Reportedly Been ‘Beaten To Death’

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An Austrian teenager who fled the country last year to join ISIS has reportedly been murdered by the terrorist group in Syria.

Samra Kesinovic was 15-years-old when she fled Vienna, Austria with friend Sabina Selimovic, 18, in April last year. After being reported missing by their parents, they were traced flying from Turkey to Syria, and Samra confirmed they had joined ISIS in a phone call to her sister.

The girls, who are both Bosnian-born, reportedly left a note for their parents reading: “Don’t look for us. We serve Allah and will die for him” before later posting images of themselves online surrounded by armed men and posing with Kalashnikov rifles.

By October 2014, it was reported that both girls – who were now married and apparently pregnant to jihadi men – were desperate to leave and return home, but Austrian law prevented them from re-entering the country. Reports suggest that both girls have now died.

A Tunisian woman who says she lived with the two girls and who has now escaped the ISIS-held Raqqa, told Austrian press that Samra was ‘beaten to death’ by thegroup after trying to escape.

Reports of Sabina’s death first became apparent when David Scharia, a counter-terrorism expert told The Telegraph:

“Both were recruited by Islamic State. One (Sabina) was killed in fighting in Syria, the other (Samra) has disappeared.”

The Austrian government is yet to confirm their deaths.

Our thoughts are with those affected at this horrible time.



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