A real bridge in the Netherlands.

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14 responses to “A real bridge in the Netherlands.”

  1. LordPuffington says:

    This seems really unnecessary.

  2. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    Goddamit Scandinavia, stop being so fuckin’ awesome

  3. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    In English, “Scandinavia” is sometimes used as a synonym for the Nordic countries .

  4. 15buckslittleman says:

    It is very efficient and quick allowing quick transition between water and land traffic

  5. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    I plead the fifth.

  6. Bryntastic says:

    polititians would be all over that!

  7. UsernameForwardSlashAccountURL says:

    What in the fucking fuck

  8. 2chainsbutigotmeafewon says:

    The dutch are always so high

  9. TelKines says:

    Want a gif ! Please 🙂

  10. urseppos says:

    Actually, very efficient, what’s not efficient about it ?

  11. ZacharyChandler says:

    This is wonderful!

  12. possiblyacumslut says:

    I’m sorry, but the Netherlands is a country, not a city. And I thought Americans were bad at geography. 😉

  13. hette says:

    are you talking about the bridge

  14. SexyHobbitses says:

    Dude… Wow.