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8 responses to “ ”

  1. TitTatKitKat says:

    Ahhhh fairly odd parents….the memories. +1

  2. scook16 says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only adult who loves The Fairly Oddparents..

  3. justanotherfartinthewind says:

    cosmo is such an adorable punk rocker with his green hair

  4. grategy says:

    Caption nailed it.

  5. justletmesignupalready says:

    Is my Imgur broken or have you not got a title? How!? Burn the witch!

  6. 50shadesofgoat says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaa that’s because of your username isn’t it

  7. 50shadesofgoat says:

    Omg you don’t know what the Fairly Odd Parents is D:

  8. 50shadesofgoat says:

    As a child of ’99- OMG ME TOO TWINSIES #iloveit (kidding, of course.) But yeah it’s a very cute show

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