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So What If She Uses A Wheelchair? This Precious Senior Pug Is The Sassiest Dog Ever!

Meet Hazel, the most adorable little pug nugget in the whole wide world.

Oh, did I mention that she’s also a senior dog who uses a wheelchair? Doesn’t matter — this little queen slays 24/7.

As Hazel herself is known to say, “Welcome to my world. It’s not too shabby.”

Hazel has been with her family since she was just a pup. A few years ago, they noticed that she had developed a bit of a swagger when she walked. It turned out to be degenerative disc disease, but did Hazel’s family love her any less? Nope! They simply fitted her with a wheelchair and she kept on groovin’.

In addition to being an all-around awesome dog, Hazel is quite the fashionista. Whether she’s channeling her inner Rhinanna…

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This Man’s Awesome Passport Photo Was Rejected For the Craziest Reason

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Jon Stewart lays low on Grover Norquist!/curiouscliche/status/179413741706805248

Conservative activist Grover Norquist appeared on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” tonight, and to much surprise, the interview didn’t receive the standing ovation Stewart normally receives for pounding on politicians and fellow pundits. The twitter reaction has been a bit mixed, needless to say:

Grover Norquist: "Reagan didn't want to raise taxes." Thank you, Captain Obvious. However, note that he did when it was appropriate.

— Robert Dean (@deanrl) March 13, 2012

Adjust the hue on your television, and Grover Norquist could pass as Grover on Sesame Street. #thedailyshow

— Craig Woods (@Hyphen) March 13, 2012

Jon Stewart is never more pathetic than when confronted with a REAL public intellectual. Grover Norquist made him look like the fool he is.

— Seamus McBundy (@SelfmadeGod) March 13, 2012

Hey Grover Norquist. EDUCATION is not a "special interest group".

— patrick muldowney (@patmuldowney) March 13, 2012!/IndyMuttMom/status/179419366155223040

Did you catch the interview? What did you think?

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Nancy Pelosi calls demand for tax returns a ‘distraction’!/tomdelbeccaro/status/226006096270196736

Questioned today about differing standards and releasing her own tax returns, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the issue a distraction and even suggested the possibility that the media should face disclosure requirements as well.

Pelosi says her refusal to release her tax returns is a distraction in the presidential election. Only 17 members of Congress have released!

— No Liberals (@NoLiberals) July 20, 2012

Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, the most vocal voices that have called on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, refuse to release theirs.

— Joe Cienkowski (@JoeCienkowski) July 19, 2012

BUSTED – Nancy Pelosi hasn't released her own tax returns, so now she's downplaying her demands on Romney: #p2 #felon

— Illegal Alien (@rovibe71) July 20, 2012

ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted to clarify that Pelosi was not dismissing the demand for Romney’s tax returns; rather, she was concerned that the questions were taking too much of her limited time.

LOL! RT @jaketapper: Pelosi on Romney tax returns issue: “We spent too much time on that. We should be talking about middle-income tax cuts"

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) July 19, 2012

to be clear: pelosi was talking about spending "too much time" on the tax returns issue at her press avail — not as a general matter

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) July 19, 2012

@jaketapper So Pelosi's comments are being taken out of context, right Jake? For the "smaht party" they sure have a hard time w/messaging.

— Flora Duh (@FloraDuh1) July 19, 2012

@jaketapper You should be Pelosi's press secretary.

— juliebean (@juliagulia614) July 19, 2012

@jaketapper @jakesherman Plz ask Pelosi when she & Sen Reid are releasing last 10 tax returns??

— william harris (@TigernBham) July 19, 2012

Pelosi clarified that “there’s no rule” that requires Romney to release his tax returns but it is the “custom” for presidential candidates and “a tradition” — and that she would release her returns “when I run for president.”

A promise wrapped in a chilling threat… Pelosi: I'll release my tax returns when I run for president

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) July 20, 2012

Nine scariest words I've ever heard: "When I run for President of the United States…" says Nancy Pelosi. Aaaaagh!

— Right Words (@RightWordWriter) July 19, 2012

Apparently feeling cornered over the issue, Pelosi went so far as to suggest that the reporters’ tax returns be made public. “What do you think of that? For everybody. For everybody who writes about it. For everybody who hires people who write about it. For corporate ownership of the media and what are they doing as far as their taxes are concerned?” She then added, “But really, let’s not be silly.”

It might be a bit late for that.

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Everyone Is Obsessed With This Vine Of An 11-Year-Old Getting Hit In The Face With A Basketball

Vine is a weird place.

1. About a week ago, Vine user Nathan Moszyk posted this video of a little kid getting hit in the face with a basketball.

2. The kid who got hit in the face is named Brady, he’s 11-years-old, and he’s from Michigan. On Vine, though, everyone’s been calling him Crack Kid.

3. In the week since Brady got hit in the face with a basketball, both his Vine account and Nathan’s Vine accounts have grown to over 16,000 followers.

4. And not only are they now bonafide Vine celebrities, Brady’s epic screech has been remixed in every way imaginable…

5. People have added Brady into movies.

8. You can also put him in almost any song.

13. And more than a few people are even doing the #CrackKid.

15. So, let this be a lesson to you, if you want to get Vine famous, hurting yourself and making loud noises are a good place to start.

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These GIFs Of Vin Diesel Breakdancing As A Teenager Are Golden

1. It starts with this simple kick (he’s on the right).

2. That transitions quickly to a wiener pat.

3. Then goes straight into a stand and roll.

4. Which prepares him for a body slide.

5. That helps him do this chin punch thing.

6. That turns into a smooth side step.

7. Which leads to some sort of fish stomp.

8. Which goes directly into an egyptian march.

9. Which moves into another egyptian march.

10. That starts this touchy shoulder shuffle.

11. Which creates this necessary hand ripple.

12. That launches this intense seismic squat.

13. Which rolls into a mild worm.

14. Then FINALLY finishes with this inverse flop.

15. That was intense, you guys.

16. Watch the whole magnificent production here!

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