A Reporter Asks Madonna A Question Everyone Else Was Afraid To. She Gives A Kick-Ass Reply.

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You’ve got to love this “Vogue”-era throwback interview of Madonna doing what she does best … speaking the truth. In fact, I don’t remember hearing the word “ageism” much at all back then. Once again, she’s helped pave the way towards equality. Read more: http://upworthy.com/a-reporter-asks-madonna-a-question-everyone-else-was-afraid-to-she-gives-a-kick-ass-reply


Community Post: 11 Fantastic Sweded Versions Of Hollywood Films

1. Pulp Fiction Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=z-ZWbTq_JPY. youtube.com You’ll never look at fruits & vegetables the same. 2. The Fast And The Furious Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=j_uoBqV7SVc. youtube.com More cardboard than Paul Walker’s acting! 3. Raising Arizona Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5GTcRjaBQJk. youtube.com Perfect! 4. Back To The Future Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=w3wFgWSUk30. youtube.com Extra points […]


19 Kids Who Clearly Should Have Been An Only Child

1. This kid who just can’t deal with this mocking tongue during every car ride. View this image › fernandez-agustina.tumblr.com 2. This kid who wasn’t prepared to be in a constant state of defense. View this image › 3. This kid who has no intention of ever sharing the stage. View this image › cuntamination.tumblr.com […]


Move over, Lena Dunham: Here’s the costume Planned Parenthood calls ‘AMAZING!’ [photo]

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As if Lena Dunham’s “Planned Parenthood doctor” outfit weren’t cool enough, there’s this: Ann Friedman is a freelance journalist who writes for New York Magazine and Elle, among others. Isn’t her costume, like, so awesome and clever? Planned Parenthood, for what it’s worth, thinks it’s the bee’s knees: Ugh. Well, at the very least, she […]