Micro Art Paintings By Mesut Kul

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My name is Mesut Kul and I am a Turkish artist who draws tiny pictures on various objects. Sometimes it is a butterfly wing, a rice grain, a feather and even a hair – the world’s smallest canvas. I got acquainted with this micro art a couple of years ago. One master painter told me […]


Teach your kids math with Legos using these clever tricks

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably wondered how to help your child advance their understanding of the much-discussed, always-important subject we call math. And you probably feel some combination of rusty, terrified, mystified, and slow. But take heart, parents! All is not yet lost. You might feel a little less overwhelmed at the prospect if you […]


33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

1. This man taking the worst shortcut ever: View this image › Via cavemancircus.com 2. The worst way to wake up: View this image › Via bestfunnygifs.com 3. Chris Bosh’s all-confetti diet: View this image › Via anythinggoes.com 4. These dogs imitating a baby crawling: View this image › Via awegif.com 5. This pissed-off garbage […]


You Need To See This Enchanting Emoji Version Of “Frozen”

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Do you want to text a snowman? 1. So you’ve probably seen Frozen, or at least HEARD someone humming “Let It Go” a million times. View this image › Disney It’s inescapable, but also fabulous. 2. Thankfully for everyone who stans for Anna and Elsa, Frozen-mania is FAR from over. Disney has released an emojis-only […]


Obamaphone Lady bonds with Alex Jones, won’t vote for Obama in 2016

http://twitter.com/#!/lor_EE_lei/status/291046984389914624 https://twitter.com/Kozmocostello/status/291213284919631873 She’s baaaaaaaack … and oh, how we’ve missed her. Michelle Dowery, better known as the Obamaphone Lady, paid a visit to conspiracy-monger Alex Jones yesterday for a little confab. Just last September, Michelle was extolling the virtues of Barack Obama for all the things he’d given her. Now, though, she’s wised up to […]


Matt Yglesias admits he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

We obviously write a lot about the smartest minds over a Vox, but this is something else. Never change, Matty: It really is “Vox in one tweet,” isn’t it? We know absolutely nothing about what we’re talking about, but here a ‘splainer on it! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/25/matt-yglesias-admits-he-doesnt-know-what-hes-talking-about-but-explains-it-anyway/