Missionary Kills It In Dance Off With A Michael Jackson Impersonator (Video)

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There are a lot of different opinions on the late, great Michael Jackson, but I think one thing everybody unanimously agrees on is that the dude could dance. Although he’s gone now, the King of Pop left an indelible mark on modern culture. His style was entirely his own. Street performers impersonating Michael Jackson have […]


25 Fotos que te harán creer en el amor verdadero

1. La propuesta de matrimonio sorpresa de Daniel: View this image › Photo by Shannen Norman / Via shannennatasha.blogspot.com 2. Esta fotos de Ahmad y Fatima, una pareja de recién casados que, a pesar de que Ahmad no tenga brazos y Fatima no tenga piernas, se cuidan entre sí: View this image › Via amazonintl.in […]


GIF Of Prince William Being Scolded By Queen Goes Viral

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One was definitely not amused at Buckingham Palace recently, but thanks to this hilarious GIF, the rest of us certainly are. Take a look below to see what we mean. Prince William might be almost 34, but he’s never too old for a telling off! The brilliant moment was captured during the Troop the Colour […]


Você consegue encarar esse post sem revirar o estômago?

Hora de vertigem. Vamos começar. View this image › Tom Ryaboi / Via tomryaboi.com View this image › Mustang Wanted / Via instagram.com View this image › Vitaly Raskalov / Via instagram.com View this image › Vadim Mahorov / Via 9wows.com View this image › Navid Baraty / Via navidbaraty.com / Twitter: @navidj View this […]