The Things We Read Later

View this image › While the resurgence of longform journalism as a Thing People Talk About has been rolling in earnest for the last couple of years, it seemed to reach new heights in 2012, with more apps, more sites, more resources, and more conversation dedicated to longform journalism and writing. But what are people […]


Three Men Climb up Tall Pull-Up Bar

While working out at a park, one friend decided to climb up the tall pull-up bar. ?Two other friends joined him as he dangled on the bar. Their moment was captured by another friend who came in and took a photograph. Read more:


Little Caesars Introduced A Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Crust And People Are Freaking Out Over It

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Step aside, soft pretzel, there’s a new crust in town! 1. Earlier today, Little Caesars made an EPIC announcement: Our NEW Bacon-Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza will be available NATIONWIDE Monday, Feb. 23rd! — littlecaesars (@Little Caesars) 2. A full three and a half feet of bacon will be used to wrap the pizza. […]