See A Penny, Pick It Up…And Make One Of These 26 Epic Crafts

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Pennies are pretty much useless currency in this day and age. What can they really buy you? But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong…instead of what they can buy you, how about what can they make you? If you’re one to toss your pennies in the change plate at your local coffee shop or […]


Branding Cities: I Used City Names To Create Their Logos

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I was trying to create a representative banner for a travel agency, and while doing some research I started asking myself how can I creatively represent a city’s name with an image. I started with Bucharest. What best represents the city I live in? How can it be drawn? See results bellow! #1 Bratislava Report […]


India Gets Its First Radio Station For The LGBT Community

View this image › MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP / Getty Images India’s LGBT community will now have a round-the-clock radio station dedicated to them. Q Radio, which went on the airwaves in September, claims to be India’s first radio station which caters to the country’s lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. The station operates from […]


Vagina Model Visits The Fleshlight Factory To See How Hers Is Made

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The past few decades have seen an incredible number of advancements in almost all areas of manufacturing, and sex toys are certainly no exception (considering we live in a world where an inflated beach ball vaguely resembling a person was once considered one of man’s most impressive erotic achievements.) Nowadays we’ve figured out a way […]