10 Times Video Game Fans Outdid Game Companies

When we’re children, we often dream of creating the amazing games we play and improving the bad ones. Here are people that managed to live those dreams. 10 DayZ Because of gamer stereotypes, you wouldn’t think the inspiration for a fan to completely reconstruct a game would ever be a near-death experience in a military […]


Pranking People On Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Scary. It Can Just Be Funny.

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To scare people on Halloween, most people rely on ghoulish decorations and demonic tricks. This guy, though, found a better way to freak people out. He would approach them on the street. Then…well, see for yourself: OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘FzNmphcTp_EHws3hulEQmNRaOe8shzZN’, {‘autoplay’:true}); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video So, this Halloween, don’t just fear […]


Community Post: 10 Signs You’re Actually Dating Your Favorite Band

1. You like to wear their clothes. View this image › tumblr.com Sure, they cost money, but love don’t cost a thing. 2. You become extremely defensive whenever someone insults them. View this image › imgdonkey.com “If you insult the bass tone in the bridge of the opening track of their self-titled album one more […]