I Can't Believe Kids Aren't ALREADY Learning This In School. No Wait, Yes I Can.

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There’s a lot wrong with sex education in schools — namely that the lessons are largely based in outdated messages of abstinence and sex only after marriage — but it’s obvious that kids and teenagers are going to have sex anyway. So, if you ask me, what’s missing the most from sex education is what […]


Watch The Trailer For “Skins” Series 7

1. Skins series 7 will take the form of three films broadcast on E4 in July 2013. Each film will be shown in two-one hour parts. Fire, Pure and Rise will be shown on E4 from July 1st. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=S92HVebLIZY. Via totalfilm.com View this image › tumblr.com Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/watch-the-trailer-for-skins-series-7


Community Post: 15 Shots Of Holland

1. The Hole in the Dike View this image › Via instagram.com The Hole in the Dike 2. Cheese View this image › Via instagram.com Cheese 3. Museum View this image › Via instagram.com Museum 4. Amsterdam View this image › Via instagram.com Amsterdam 5. Tulips View this image › Via instagram.com Tulips 6. Musician […]


Obama says cynicism is popular; Ace of Spades gives hope a chance


http://twitter.com/#!/MattWolking/status/482261154891579392 Following even more whining about “phony scandals,” President Obama concluded a town hall in Minneapolis Thursday by proclaiming the idea that “cynicism is popular these days, but hope’s better.” Ace of Spades probably doesn’t even have one of those fading “Hope” posters in his folks’ basement, but he decided to give hope a chance in the real world. http://twitter.com/#!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482306340996800512 […]