19 Reasons Why Fred Willard Should Be Able To Do Whatever He Wants

1. He’s responsible…


2. He still has the same rugged physique…

…he had 40 years ago

3. He’s hip to memes:

4. He was the best part of “Best In Show”:

6. He was the best part of “A Mighty Wind”:

7. He can pull off smoking a pipe:

8. Did I mention he was the best part of “Best In Show”?:

9. He was this guy on “Hey Arnold”:

10. He was on SNL:

And a million other things you probably don’t remember him from:

11. Seriously, this guy has been in everything:

12. He is often called the “White, Old Ricky Martin”:

13. He has a fantastic voice:

14. He has nothing to do with this Willard:

15. His nickname is way cooler than yours:

16. He was the best part of “Anchorman”:

17. He supports our friends across the Atlantic:

18. “Best In Show”, again:

19. Just remember, Fred is 72!

He didn’t even know what “X-Men” was about:

And he clearly doesn’t have WiFi:

Still, we all still love this guy:

So let’s all just forget about this:

And let Fred do whatever he wants!

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