17 Hacks Thatll Make You Scratch Your Head Wondering How You Never Thought Of ‘Em

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Each and every day, as I’m going about my normal tasks, I can’t help but think that there have to be tons of ways to cut down on time wasted.

Surely, there has to be a way to cut up cherry tomatoes faster. What about cooking two pizzas when you only have one pan? But life hacks don’t save on time, they also cut down on plain-old annoyance.

Here’s how to improve your life, one tiny trick at a time…

1. No knife or scissors? Here’s how to cut rope in a pinch.

2. I mean, how did I not think of this?

3. Serve tacos upright in an upside down muffin tin.

4. Put a stick in your melon for no-fuss snacking.

5. Buy veggies in bulk, chop ’em up, and freeze them to save on costs.

6. Make sure your iced coffee doesn’t get diluted by freezing your leftovers.

7. Freeze pops for life!

8. Store ice cream in a baggie to keep it perfectly soft every time you take it out.

9. I didn’t think pancakes…or bacon could get any better.

10. Not only is it easier to peel a banana this way, it’s also less mess.

11. Stop wasting delicious strawberry goodness by grabbing a straw and doing this.

12. Here’s how to keep those leafy greens nice and fresh.

13. Ensure a perfect manicure every time.

14. The ultimate snack hack:

15. We can all thank the genius who invented the ultimate ice cream sandwich trick.

16. Create a cool 3-D drawing of your hand like so:

17. Freeze some water in big jugs and set them in front of a fan for a cool breeze.

What tricks do you use on a daily basis? Share them with us in the comments!

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