14 Reasons Why You Should Try Oil Pulling

Oiling pulling is amazing, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do. It is basically taking any vegetable based oil, such as sesame, coconut, or olive (it doesn’t have to be organic, but I prefer it) and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes. It pulls out all the toxins from your teeth, gums, and throat and has endless benefits.

1. Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis.

Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis.

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Immediately after your first oil pull you will see results in the way your teeth, and mouth look.

2. Prevention for bad breath.

Prevention for bad breath.

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Because nobody wants bad breath.

3. Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth and throat.

Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth and throat.

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If you’re like me, you constantly have dry lips, and it sucks, but after doing oil pulling for about a week my lips and mouth were way more moisturized.

4. Prevents jaw pains, such as TMJ.

Prevents jaw pains, such as TMJ.

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If you find that you are having jaw pains, some people have reported that the oil pulling has eradicated it.

5. Helps relieve inflammation from arthritis.

Helps relieve inflammation from arthritis.

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6. Cures hangovers.

Cures hangovers.

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Yay no more hangovers!!

7. Relief of migraines.

Relief of migraines.

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People who have chronic migraines have said that oil pulling has helped relieve, and even stop their migraines.

8. Reduced symptoms of bronchitis.

Reduced symptoms of bronchitis.

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no more puffer = happy me!

9. Helps with gastroenteritis.

Helps with gastroenteritis.

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Gastroenteritis is a fancy word for diarrhoea. Everybody gets it once in a while, and it sucks, but oil pulling helps reduce it!

10. Helps hormonal imbalances.

Helps hormonal imbalances.

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Oiling pulling is also known for reducing mood swings, and helps regulate the bodies hormones.

11. Reduces insomnia.

Reduces insomnia.

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Before I started oil pulling I was a huge insomniac, but after just a few days I was sleeping more regularly, and for longer periods without waking up.

12. Improves vision.

Improves vision.

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Oil pulling even improves your eye sight!

13. Reduces allergy symptoms.

Reduces allergy symptoms.

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For those of you that suffer from allergies, oil pulling reduces the symptoms associated with them! No more runny noses!

14. Clears skin.

Clears skin.

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This one is probably my favourite because it has totally gotten rid of all my previous acne issues. Seriously. It is amazing how clear my skin is now after only a couple weeks of doing oil pulling. Not only has it cleared my skin, but it has also prevented any more acne.

Seriously OIL PULLING IS THE BEST! So swish away my friends, swish away.

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