From The Mormon Church, A Light Lobbying Touch

View this image › The Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake Tribune sent a questionnaire to all 104 members of the Utah House and Senate to find out how, exactly, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wields its significant political clout in the state. The newspaper received responses from […]


Elizabeth Warren Explains American Debt And Taxing The Rich

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Elizabeth Warren explains in simple terms how America got in the debt situation she finds herself. By putting two wars basically ‘on credit card,’ and implementing a prescription drug program that was also unpaid for, America went in trillions of dollars in debt in a relatively short time. Warren also explains that rich people used social resources […]


Picture of the Day: Coolest. Carpet. Ever.

COOLEST. CARPET. EVER. Design and Photography by I thought my shower curtain map of the world was pretty sweet but this gigantic carpet of Africa is on a whole other level. Created by Italian company Area Pavimenti, this design is part of their Inspiration Series which they say is: “An assortment of carpet quality […]